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Jude Harzer Artist/Art Educator

Jude Harzer Artist/Art Educator
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

SVA Studio Sleepovers

My bed prior to the girl's arrival

My guests have arrived! My beautiful girls, Alyssa and my daughter and muse, Christina!

My first "all nighter" in the SVA artist's studios occurred, not because of my typical obsessive desire to create but because my daughter Christina and her friend, my honorary daughter, Alyssa, are visiting for the weekend and staying in my dorm room. I don't think they quite believed the limited size of the room, which can be likened to an oversized closet, or the compact bathroom in which you can(or rather must) simultaneously, shower, brush teeth, etc:)My dorm room is ideal as it serves a purpose. It is comfortable and safe despite its small size.Although not optimal for group sleepovers,it encourages focus in its simplicity. But my best option having guests, seemed to be to sleep on the floor of my studio. I actually slept very little.There were other equally obsessive and devoted students, one of which even offered me the use of her cot.Most students departed prior to 3 am. I recall lights, music, sounds from the city, before dozing close to 4.
I love this place! Art drives my colleagues, as it does myself. It is amazing to be amid people who value the same discipline. Today however, I will venture out with the girls and seek inspiration in Chinatown which I absolutely love.
Stay tuned for more art and some images from the city rather than the studio.
I also plan to share some wisdom from a lecture I attended yesterday by renowned art critic from New York Magazine, Jerry Saltz.I almost invited him for a sleepover because his wit, humor and brilliance were exhiliarating and engaging. I think, however, that would have been inappropriate but I certainly would have invited his wife, an equally renowned art critic, Roberta Smith from the NY Times to join us. I think I would have felt as though I were in heaven if I could have fallen asleep listening to the two of them exchange ideas, opinions and stories.
I know, I know, my kids think I am a geek as well.
Make your day magical, wherever you be:)

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  1. It all sounds wildly fascinating! Something I'd definitely do if I could. I'm confident that you will be soaring as a result of your stay! :-)


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