When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”~ Paul Coelho

"Some Mad Hope..."
A young and vital child knows no limit to his own will, and it is the only reality to him. It is not that he wants at the outset to fight other wills, but that they simply do not exist for him. Like the artist, he goes forth to the work of creation, gloriously alone.
Jane Harrison

Jude Harzer Artist/Art Educator

Jude Harzer Artist/Art Educator
My art is a reflection of my effort to recognize and embrace the beauty in the world around me, even when it seems most difficult to find. Contact me at judiharz@aol.com or visit my website at http://www.judeharzerfineart.com

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"Most of us have two lives- the life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance."Steven Pressfield

"The greatest freedoms are freedom from regret, freedom from fear, freedom from anxiety, and freedom from sorrow."
Thich Nhat Hanh

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seeking Solace: "Shhhhhhhhhhh....Quiet....please!"

Often I feel as though I cannot paint because I am unable to silence the ongoing conversations that take place between my head and my heart:) This self portrait that I began tonight ( 1' x 4') seemed appropriate as I tried to quiet my mind. I believe as I invest more of myself in my work,I will find where it is I belong.It is when the "noise" is greatest, that I need to work most. Painting is very much like meditation.Tonight I thought only of color, the strokes of paint, the movement of my brush and the smell of the pigments.I was lost in the rythym of my work. Pure peace....mind, body and spirit. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Listen to your heart! ~

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  1. Happy 2010! It is going to be an amazing and productive one inspired by love,purpose and great change:)


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